Doormat Party Design Options

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We currently are not accepting custom designs for the doormat painting parties.

All photos and designs are © 2020 Gena's Designs of the Heartland.

Please scroll to the bottom and read all disclaimers before registering.


Prices vary depending on event type, venue, and what is included
(i.e. cupcakes, beer, wine, etc.)

We cannot change your design choices after you have registered.


To read info about mat insurance click here
and to read our refund policy click here.
**Mat insurance and refund policies are not valid for classes at CraftedQC.

Doormats are 16x24 inches.


We do use outdoor paint and will seal the mat at the class, but fading will happen eventually due to weather. You can seal your mat every so often to help increase its longevity.


You get to choose your paint colors at the class. You do not have to paint the doormats the way they are pictured above.



We can't wait to meet you! Come ready to have a good time.