The Heartlander's Happy Package

We are excited to announce we are launching a new and amazing subscription box called the "Heartlander's Happy Package”. Our happy package will allow you to enjoy exclusive GDOTH products along with other products that Gena loves.


This is an exclusive trial we are running from March 8th-10th. Packages will be sent out March 15th. We only have 10 packages available. These exclusive packages are $29 each. Each package includes $35 in product and shipping is free. Gena is going to leak one of the products, but the other products will be a total surprise!

We will be launching our monthly service on March 28th. If you purchase one of our trial packages you will get a coupon to start your subscription. There will be 3 different packages to subscribe to. 


To order our Trial Heartlander's Happy Package please click add to cart below!