Host A Sign Painting Party!

For private parties, we require a minimum of 10 people (not including the host). You will get a standard-sized sign free.  If you have more than 15 people you can opt to get a free specialty sized sign instead. If you do not have the minimum amount of people we will need to cancel your party or reschedule. Please be aware of our refund/cancellation policy for your attendees. 


The price of the class includes prepped wood (cut, sanded and stained) ready to use stencils, paintbrushes/sponges, many paint colors, etc.  Prices start at $45.

Ideally, parties should be booked 4 weeks in advance (no less than 21 days). I create a private party listing on my website that your attendees will purchase beforehand. Everyone must be paid and registered by the given deadline. We do not accept late registrations. I will also create a Facebook event so you can invite friends and I can help with questions. Parties can be held in our shop's party room (Muscatine, IA) your home or if you would rather you could ask a restaurant if you could rent their meeting/party room to hold a party. 


If we are traveling to your party then hostesses are responsible for providing tables, chairs, and tablecloths to protect tables from damage. I will need a table or counter space for paint and an outlet to plug a hairdryer into if we need to speed drying times along. If you are having a party in our shop's party room you do not have to worry about any of this. 


Hostesses are responsible for providing any beverages and snacks for their attendees. 


There is a non-refundable $30 booking fee (plus tax). This fee also secures the date of your party. Your party link will not be started until this payment is received. 


Please read our FAQ 's for more information. www.genasdesignsoftheheartland.com/faqs 
You will find cancellation/refund info here. I would really like you to be aware of all terms/conditions/policies before you book. :)

Responsibilities of the Hostess
    Fill out this application and submit it immediately.
     Pay $30 booking fee to secure your date here
           --> www.genasdesignsoftheheartland.com/fee
    Tables and chairs - please remember signs may be up to 30 inches wide or long (if we travel to you)
    Table covers/cloths to protect your tables (optional if we travel to you)
    Empty trash can or trash bag near the tables (if we travel to you)
    Cleared table or counter or table space for the Instructor's paint and supplies        (if we travel to you)
    Beverages and snacks for attendees (optional)
    Invite friends to the Facebook event that Gena creates for your specific party
    Remind everyone to register before the deadline 
    Let friends know that the event is for paid attendees only, PLEASE no bystanders.
    Remind friends who have registered when and where the event is
    Your instructor will be arriving a half-hour to an hour and a half early to set up 

Please let me know if you have any other questions and which date you would like to book your party!





Our parties make excellent fundraisers! The guests get to choose from the same group of signs we offer at our classes that month. They will sign up and pay directly on our website. The day of your party we will write a check to your group or organization. We give back a set amount for each size of sign. For more information please contact us and. A $30 booking fee does apply.



Bachelorette Parties

 Start the night out right with one of our paint parties! The guests get to choose from the same group of signs we offer at our classes that month. They will sign up and pay directly on our website. The host (person who organizes the party and pays the $30 booking fee) can decide to gift the hostess rewards to the bride or keep them for herself. For more information please contact us.


Children and Teen Parties

We also do parties for children and teens. The sizes are 7x7 and 6x12 inches. They are $15 per child. We have a design list that is more appropriate for children and one that is more appropriate for teenagers. For more information please contact us. A $30 booking fee does apply.