All signs are cut, assembled, sanded, and stained prior to the class. Because of a busy schedule, this class will be self-led. I will provide Sue with an intro video. In the video, we will walk you through step by step to make your beautiful masterpiece. We provide stencils, paint, and all other supplies needed to make your sign. No creativity is required! We are shipping the signs will the stencils already stuck to the sign. This is usually the most intimidating party for people, so we are trying to make the class as easy as possible for you since we will not be there with you in person when you are making your sign. 



To see photos of the designs, stain color and paint color options please click here. Select the design you want to make in the drop-down menus to the left. Type the stain color you'd like {Stain choices are: Kona (brown), Ebony (black), Carbon Gray and White/Wash} White stain is the best choice for Christmas designs and paint colors. If you choose a design that requires personalization (P) (names, dates, etc.) please include that information in the text field. If you want a custom design please send me a Facebook message before purchasing!! Custom designs include any designs not listed in the designs options.


 Classes are for paid attendees only.  


See designs, stain colors and paint colors here.

Standard signs $49
Specialty signs $85
Custom standard size $59
Custom specialty size $100

Sue's Paint Party

  • Choose pickup at Gena's - Sue is picking up the supplies. 

  • We are not allowing refunds or cancellations for this virtual event.