All signs are cut, assembled, sanded and stained prior to the class, but you get to do the fun part! We will walk you through step by step to make your beautiful masterpiece. We provide stencils, paint and all other supplies needed to make your sign. No creativity is required! You get to choose which colors you'd like to paint your sign - we will email everyone on June 22nd-23rd to get paint color choices. Signs will come with the stencil already stuck on since Gena won't be there in person to help with that part.


To see photos of the designs please click here. Select the design you want to make in the drop-down menus to the left. Choose the stain color you'd like {Stain choices are: Kona (brown), Ebony (black), Carbon Gray and White/Wash } If you choose a design that requires personalization (P) (names, dates, etc.) please include that information in the text field. If you want a custom design please send me a Facebook message before purchasing!! Custom designs include any designs not listed in the designs options.


If you have any questions please Facebook message us!

Prices are as follows: shipping included

standard designs {$59} 12x12, 12x16 & 12x24 
specialty designs {$89} 18x18, 16x24, 8x72, 10x60, 12x48
custom design in standard sizes {$69} 12x12, 12x16 & 12x24, 9x28
custom design in specialty sizes {$114} 18x18, 16x24, 8x72, 10x60, 12x48 & 24x24


See designs here.


Local customers (Muscatine, IA) can pick up their boxes July 1st - 3rd at our store. Use the coupon code "LOCAL" to receive a discount for shipping.

Virtual Paint Party

  • Please insert the correct shipping info when checking out. The package will come via USPS.